Making money from Your Articles

I often read of internet marketers extolling the virtues of article marketing how it’s a fantastic way to market a website, get more backlinks, increase traffic, and establish the writer as a professional in the field. Although, I’ve noticed very few individuals talk of how a small online business actually make money from their writing through article syndication.

In the early 90s with the dotcom boom, content syndication seemed easier to do, even if you had a small online presence. In the Pre-Adsense era, you don’t have to be a Reuters or Associated Press to earn money by using syndication.

Companies such as iSyndicate (bought out-by YellowBrix) and ScreamingMedia (bought out-by Dow Jones’ Market Watch) accepted very small content providers  and having accepted and also syndicated by these companies guarantees you of earning a few thousands a month.

Instead of giving out your articles for free in websites like, check first if you can generate revenues from them. Today, here are a few companies that can help you earn more money from your content:

  • Mochila = free to register and you’ll set the cost of your articles or contents. Mochila will get 30% of the price tag while the writer gets 70%.
  • Uclick = syndicates works of cartoonists, puzzler constructors or developers /designers and gamers
  • iCopyright = one of the leading reprint solutions today allowing publishers/writers to earn money by selling reprints of their content. Publishers/writers pay a percentage (up to 10%) of the shut sale done through iCopyright technology
  • Associated Content = pay range is approximately $3 to $20 and will accept both exclusive (not ever been published before content or articles) or even non-exclusive (formerly published).
  • YellowBrix = top tier content providers; hard for small businesses to get accepted as a provider
  • Suite 101 = they just recently relaunched the site and today accepts freelance writer to get a revenue sharing proposition. Writers get a percentage of the earnings made from Google Adsense ads served within the article pages. The downside is the fact that they want to become first place where you publish the article and contents, and would like the article to become exclusive to Suite 101 for one year – after which you can republish in other places which includes your site (an important downside if you’ve your own blog and website)


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How to earn money and Use Fiverr for Your Business

Planning to earn a couple of extra dollars quickly? Look no further than the growing industry of micro job sites. Micro job sites are marketplaces where you can buy and sell small services, from $4 to $25 worth of tasks.

The top micro job site today is Fiverr, which is a thriving marketplace for people to share things they are prepared to do for $5. Prices of everything at Fiverr for various types of gigs are fixed at $5.

The types of services on Fiverr range from serious business tasks to inane to funny to completely weird. Some examples consist of these recent postings:

“I will do a video while speed drawing a funny character with your personal MESSAGE on the bubble for $5”

“I will tear Up an empty Piece of Paper and repair it with Your Message showing up On it Magically for $5.”

Fiverr doesn’t cost anything to join, where you post a project listing of what service you can provide. All gigs are listed beginning with the phrase “I will …”, and as soon as you sell a gig, the service fee is $1 (so basically you earn only $4). Categories of services being offered include business, programming, marketing, graphics, writing, technology, among others. Of course, if you need “out of the box” creative tasks, there are categories for example – the Silly Stuff, and Funny as well as Bizarre.

You can also use Fiverr to earn money from little components of your entire business. If you’re a social media consultant, for instance, whose package of services includes setting up social media profiles of clients to providing tips on increasing the number of fans/followers, you can break it down on Fiverr into different tasks and earn money from each component. You could sell eBooks of guidelines on how to do social media marketing, set up social media profiles for the people, create a background for clients on Twitter, and increasing Facebook or Twitter followers amongst others.

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Downsides of beginning a Business with friends and family

The idea of starting up a business with friends and family could be enticing. You intimately know and trust one another. You prefer each others company, and might share each others sense of values and ideas of exactly where to take the new business.

However, partnerships can be risky, as much more once personal relationships are at stake. Starting up a business with your friends could either end up as a big success or bring a great deal of misery. When a business partnership among friends turns bad, it is really bad: you could lose both business and the relationship.

Conflicts and confusions will definitely arise, and difficult feelings are usually the result. Add money and liability to the mix, and things can become very ugly down the road.

Conflicts and misconceptions might start when one person feels that the workload is inconsistent, or one person is getting compensated inappropriately to their contribution. You may find that your family or friend is not carrying out as you expected, and rather, is just a drain on the company’s resources. Increase the mix the conflicts that money could bring.

Some families have a dynamic way that’s conducive to providing feedback and making business choices, however, many (perhaps most) do not.

Although, if you still want to start a business with family and friends, to really make it work:

Be ready that you might not decide on everything. It may surprise you that your closest friend  who you believed you know everything about  might have different ideas of how exactly to operate the business. Understand that this is something that could happen and plan accordingly how to resolve conflicts.

Make a decision at the beginning – stating who is going to be in control of what in the business. Put in writing very plainly described roles and expectations.

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3 Ways to generate income with Photoshop

With the growing prominence of digital pictures, photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop is continuing to grow in use and popularity.

The following are 3 ways for you to earn through freelancing using your Adobe Photoshop skills:

  1. Begin a photo editing service. One potential business you can start is to offer digital picture editing and image optimization services. You basically take the client’s no more than perfect digital photo and transform it into a masterpiece. As a “photo doctor,” you can remove unwanted people and also objects from a picture, insert someone or something into a picture, repair over- or under exposed photos, convert colored photos to black-and-white ( or vice versa), or do something as standard as taking out red eye from photos. You could also do color correction, background change, contrast adjustment, and size enlargement. The secret is to offer high quality work at discount prices.
  2. Write Photoshop tutorials. You can write and sell your tutorial to article websites or article directories, anywhere from $10 to $100 depending on the length and quality of tutorial. Be prepared to write at least a one thousand words tutorial with detailed and step by step screenshots. Examples of tutorial topics can include photo effects adjustment, contemporary web layout, and special effect or even filter effects. You can use websites for example, or find freelance job postings from sites requiring content on Photoshop.

3. Start a web design business. You can create pro website design and photographic design templates. As the Photoshop professional, you can provide the layout and overall graphical theme of the site. Additionally, there are opportunities in customizing blog themes such as those making use of WordPress design templates, including backgrounds and custom header designs. You can then team up with a web site programmer or developer to code the website design you’ve created.

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Which can be said to be better: An Employee or Entrepreneur?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being an Employee

As an employee, you are a professional. You’re given a set of tasks based on your position or nature of your job. You focus on doing the responsibilities assigned to you by the organization. You stick to what you know. If you are an accountant, you then simply need to work with the accounting functions; and if you’re a customer service representative, you then work just in dealing with clients.

The earnings of an employee is also relatively predictable: you know how much you will get paid, and when you will get paid (e.g. once a week, biweekly or once a month). Regardless you did your best work or perhaps so-so work that month, you’ll still get to receive your normal salary.

Disadvantages and advantages of an Entrepreneur

Having said that, the entrepreneur is the boss. If you feel you could do and gain so much more on your own away from boundaries of employment, entrepreneurship is for you.

The downside is that there are no guarantees that your small business might be successful. Starting a business is a large risk, and there will always be new challenges at every stage of the business. It may be a massive failure and you could end up losing every single thing – your money and savings, your home, your household. Even how much you make monthly isn’t guaranteed: some months could be exceptional and you are taking home huge amounts of money only to discover that you are in the red the next month.

Whether you decide to be an entrepreneur or an employee, your decision ought to be based on what’s right for you, what you need to-do with your life and what can be done. And of course, you can choose to do both and begin a business while still employed.

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